Sep 29 2014  

Neometrix Engineering has been successfully supplied Oxygen Charging & Distribution system to Airforce.

July 05 2014

Neometrix started Production of Hydraulic Servicing Trolley for Airforce

Jan 11 2014

Neometrix  launched new product in the range of technology...


Neometrix Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a complete engineering solutions company based in Noida. We specialize in CUSTOM BUILT Data Acquisition Systems.

We have expertise in various engineering domains like Complete PC Based Automation Solutions, Controlled Monitoring and Simulation Design Architecture, Electronics/ Electrical Test Benches, Fluid Systems, Chemical Processes, Chemical Engineering, Hydraulics, ATF, Mechanical, Pneumatic, Oxygen/ Helium (High Purity Gases).

We have experts in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical/ Instrumentation Engineering, Software, Civil Engineering, Aeronautical engineering and other engineering fields.

The company has a team of ~80 highly qualified engineers and has an experience of more than 100 successfully delivered projects.

Neometrix has an extensive VENDOR Base in NOIDA/New Delhi (NCR Region) and complete system integration is implemented at its NOIDA facilities.

Neometrix NOIDA facility is a 10,000 sq. feet state of the art office infrastructure housing 50+ engineers from various engineering domains.                       ...more



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