The pressure pack is a system to test leakage, cylinder filling, pressure testing etc. It consist of Haskel booster which can generate pressure up to 2689 bar. It’s a air driven booster which do not require electricity which makes it safe to use. Its compact design makes it easy to use and takes very less space.

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Technical Details

  • Drive Pressure (Air) : 4 kg/cm2 Min.
  • Purity of Drive Air(2.0) : 7 Micron
  • Purity of Drive Air (6.0) : 5 Micron
  • Drive Flow Required (Air) : 60 SCFM(As per the requirement )
  • DPT of Air required (Customer Scope) : -40deg C
  • Inlet Nitrogen Pressure : 17-150 Kg/cm2
  • Purity of Inlet Nitrogen : 5 Micron
  • Output Pressure Range (for Pressure Testing) : Range 10 kg/cm2, 50 kg/cm2, 100 kg/cm2 and 200 kg/cm2
  • Step Pressurization : Precision Pressure regulation from (0.5 Kg/cm2 up to 7) Kg/cm2
  • Working Media : Nitrogen
  • Outlet Gas flow rate : Variable (As per requirement)
  • Movement Control of Trolley : Portable on 2 lockable wheels and No Electrical connection.

Pressure pack is a pneumatic system used testing leak testing, cylinder filling, Pressure testing of hoses, valve, pressure gauge etc. It generates pneumatic pressure which can be used for various gases like Nitrogen, Hydrogen, helium, oxygen etc. The pressure is generated by Haskel booster and the pressure varies from 150 to 2689 bar.

Key Features

  • The inlet section comprises of 5 micron High pressure filter to insure the inlet Gas purity.
  • Vents Valve - This is to vent the Test Pressure (the GAS in the Test Unit) after completion of Test.
  • Very compact design.
  • Safety valve is a safety device for overpressure protection.
  • Dry & Filter Air @ 4 Kg/cm2 is used to drive the Pressure PAC.

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